Putting stroked out from hunch?
Experience TourPutt to improve your putting

State of the art putting training system, TourPutt. Accurate pattern analysis, customized training,
and all of my personal data

Accurate pattern analysis

Through a pattern test done on various distances (1m, 1.5m, and 2m), your putting is accurately analyzed based on how you control distance, direction, and tempo.

Customized training

Each user can have customized training made from combining diverse training methods. On top of visual training, users can also experience hearing and sensation training.

Personalized Stats

Every putting data of a user is recorded. The accumulated data analyze success rate depending on the distance and break line. Moreover, it also provides analysis of the stroke time, precision, and etc.

Stroking out the optimal training method over the green

  • Vision sensor

    투어펏 기술 이미지 1 Vision sensor technology
    tracking the ball accurately
  • Projection

    투어펏 기술 이미지 2 Projection mapping technology implementing delicate putting simulation
  • 3D data

    투어펏 기술 이미지 3 3D data measurement technology enhancing the precision of green data
  • Putting big data

    투어펏 기술 이미지 4 Putting big data processing
    in real-time by the users
최종환 퍼팅 아카데미 로고 이미지

Head of Choi Jong Hwan Putting Academy

Choi Jong Hwan

Together with the best putting training institute in Korea, “Choi Jong Hwan Putting Academy”

“The students received differentiated lessons through TourPutt. Furthermore, we are sketching out the blueprint to lead the new culture in training. And our plan just keeps on improving. ”

The choice of pros, TourPutt

“TourPutt show me the results in data. Then, to improve the numbers, I can maintain the tension as if I’m in an actual tournament.” So Young Lee - KLPGA Tour Pro 2021 Semi Finalist at SK networks The Seoul Economic Daily Ladies Classic 2020 Winner of 2020 Orange Life Champions Trophy In Bee Park Invitational

“I had a hard time in visualization training. But through TourPutt, I was able to undergo various visualization training, and it greatly helped me during tournaments.” YOON INA - KLPGA Tour Pro 2021 Winner of KLPGA 2021 Hoban Dream 5th Tournament 2021 Winner of KLPGA 2021 Torbist Phoenix CC Dream Tour 11th Tournament

“I always had to draw what is necessary for the field in my head. But with Tour Putt, I could see it, and it had an effective impact for putting tournaments.” Young Han Song – KPGA, JGTO Tour Pro 2018 3rd Placer at the 2018 KPGA Tour 61th KPGA Professional Tournament 2017 Semi Finalist at 2017 JGTO Tour Heiwa PGM Championship

“I found my weakness in particular lies via TourPutt. Through training and improvements, I was able to improve my performances during tournaments.” Yu Jin Sung - KLPGA Tour Pro 2021 Semi Finalist at 2021 BC Card Hankyung Ladies Cup 2020 McCol Yongpyeong Resort Open with SBS Golf

“TourPutt” helps me undergo training for efficiently. Understanding one’s patterns makes course management easier as well.” A-lim Kim - LPGA Tour Pro 2021 3rd ranking at 2021 BMW Ladies Championship 2019 Winner of 2019 MY Munyoung Queens Park Championship

“I started to gain confidence in my putting by seeing what was difficult and carrying out training based on accurate data.” Junseok Lee – KPGA Tour Pro 2021 Winner of 2021 Kolon 63rd Korea Open 2020 Semi Finalist at the 39th GS Caltex Maekyung Open 2020

Our Partners

TourPutt is already used by number of golf studios


  • How do I install TourPutt?
  • The process is as follows: Inquiry -> Order & Payment -> Installation
  • What much space is needed to install TourPutt?
  • For the pro version, the minimum space required is 5mX5mX3.6m (width/length/height). For custom-version, we need an actual measurement for the installation.
  • Is green included in TourPutt installation?
  • Floor slope and green mat require separate installation. If you need to install them, please inquire us
  • What is TourPutt Care Program?
  • It provides real time ball tracking service, data statistics and analysis results, constant update on various training modes, and virtual AS services.


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